Magic Fairies! 🧚‍♀️

Thanks for joining us in this experiment to keep as much order before the doors.
☝🏼Please keep in mind to write your name as it is shown in your ID as we are comparing your reservation/application to your ID.

In the next step you’ll go through the application process that contains multiple choice questions; all answers can be correct, at least one of the answers is always correct.
It is possible to get a minus points if your answer is wrong. The last open question (motivational text) is especially decisive – nevertheless, please answer it as shortly and precise as you can.

After 18.03.2022 , you’ll either get a acceptance or rejection notification. If you get accepted, a separate email will be send to you with a link that will enable the possibility to buy the Ticket. Please do that! Your acceptance is only then registered in our HighTech system.

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